Life has been quite bipolar for me as for late. I blame the weather. I always joke with people how April is the ‘bi-polar’ month weather-wise On Long Island, NY. There have been Aprils where it has hit over 80°F, these kind of Aprils bringing back fond childhood memories of spring-time water-gun wars in my private school uniform, then there have been Aprils where it has snowed, my peacoat refusing to retire itself.

This April has been chilly, although not as extreme as stated in the former. However after a very rough snowy winter that cost me a college course, needless to say I’m bitter at how the weather has been in the Empire State. My father was just boasting to me how Florida has been having unseasonably warm weather for April. (now that I look at that, ‘unseasonably warm’ is an oxymoron when it comes to Florida.) Where the hell is my warm 70°F weather, begging for me to rip off my winter peacoat and sport a sundress? Enough rainy, wet, 50°F weather. I am proud to be a sundress whore and I want to wear my sundresses without having chilly goosebumps all over my legs making me look like the chicken leg I had the other night.

As a friend of mine posted on her facebook:

Dear Winter Weather,
How many times do I have to tell you? It’s over between us. I’m with Spring now and I would appreciate it if you would stop interfering in our relationship.
Sincerely, Me

But enough burbling-onto my reasons.

p.s. Happy 4/20

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